Soulful Peaceful Blissful singer’s voice will remain entrenched in hearts of zillion fans forever | SPB

Soulful Peaceful Blissful singer’s voice will remain entrenched in hearts of zillion fans forever | SPB

By Music Critic

It’s hard to imagine that one of the finest playback singers India has ever produced – S.P. Balasubrahmanyam (SPB) is no more.

A gifted singer loved by zillions of fans spread across the globe who had officially sung 40,000 odd numbers in various languages will remain a feat hard to beat in the years to come.

A versatile musician, playback singer, actor, dubbing artist and film producer who worked predominantly in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi films, SPB’s amazing talent and popularity will remain a hard act for others to match or overtake in the years to come.

SPB’s amazing voice in each of those thousand plus numbers sung in 16 Indian languages, created a vibe built solely not only in technique and skill but in an inherent natural ability to tell a story with the gifted charm of a singer, lover and actor – par excellence – all rolled into one.

In SPB’s own immortal words, “I am a good actor because probably I can emote very well physically and my ability to emote with voice is only an extension of that,” is perhaps the reason for the talented singer’s immense success and popularity.

SPB who started his remarkable career in the 1960s spanning 50 odd years thrilled generations of fans with an amazingly gifted voice that refused to bear any sign of age, fatigue or overuse.

With practically no formal training, the versatile singer awe-struck both seasoned musicians and fans alike with his unmatched ability to sing in different styles and languages with the enviable mastery of musical acumen and maturity.

Popular Bollywood megastar Salman Khan’s fans will have to grudgingly admit that the reason for the actor’s initial rise to fame was largely due to SPB singing ‘playback’ for all the melodious numbers that has made Salmanbhai the heart-throb he is today.

A devoted and dedicated musician for whom cricket was admittedly his greatest passion after music, SPB’s Soulful Peaceful Blissful voice will remain ‘not out’ in the years to come.

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