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Indian schools Qatar can restrict the admission of students from other nationalities

Indian schools Qatar can restrict the admission of students from other nationalities

In view of the severe shortage of seats in Indian schools, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has allowed them to give preference to Indian students in admissions and stop enrolling students from other nationalities from the next academic year, say school sources.

The Private Schools Office at the Ministry has given verbal instruction to the Indian schools in this regard, it is learned. The instruction, however, will not affect the existing non-Indian students in the nearly a dozen Indian schools in the country.

All Indian schools have been facing a severe space crunch and a number of Indian students seeking admission have been left out or being kept in the waiting list. Students from various nationalities, including Arabs have currently been enrolled in these schools.

“We have been asked not to take new students from other nationalities. The existing students can continue,” a senior official of an Indian school told this daily, seeking anonymity.

He, however, added that there is no blanket ban on enrolling non-Indian students. “It is up to the schools to decide,” said the official.

An official of another Indian school also confirmed the report saying the school had sought a clarification from the Private Schools Office on the issue and has received confirmation.

“We have been told not to take new students from other nationalities from the next academic year. Admission for this year has almost closed,” said the official who didn’t want to be named.

He, however, added that the Private Schools Office has not issued any official circular in this regard.

“We have been given a verbal instruction and we got the matter clarified from the Private Schools Office,” he added.

He said that existing non-Indian students have been exempted from the decision.

“This is a logical decision, considering the space crunch in Indian schools. A large number of Indian families have been struggling to find a seat for their children and this has become a major issue in the community,” said the official.

When contacted by The Peninsula recently, a senior official of the Ministry said that the Indian schools have been asked to give preference to Indian students, and those who have siblings studying in the same school.

“We have not given any instruction in writing. We have told these schools that they can give preference to Indian students as well as those with siblings in the same school,” said Hamad Al Ghali, director of Private Schools Licensing at the Ministry.

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Drop in prices of cars older than 5 years

Some buyers, due to financial constraints, were unable to own a motor vehicle are now finding it easy to convert their aspiration into reality thanks to decreased prices of used cars. As the prices of used cars, especially more than five years old, have fallen further due to decreasing demand caused by business slump and upcoming summer vacation.

Pickups of Toyota and Nissan, which are among most sought after models, are also affected adversely.

These are commercial vehicles serving as source of income for freelancers but they are also selling the vehicles due to lack of business, traders at second-hand vehicles market operating at street No. 10 Industrial Area told The Peninsula.

“Prices of vehicles declined significantly within last three months,” Ahmad, a trader told The Peninsula at second hand vehicles market at Industrial Area.

“Vehicles of 2011 models like Nissan and Toyota pickups, Sunny, Corolla and Camry are available at prices ranging between QR17,000 to QR22,000 as per the condition of the vehicles. However, their actual prices should have been about QR25,000 had the market been better,” said Ahmad.

Popular cars like Toyota Corolla and Camry are also witnessing steep fall in prices due to low demand.

Only the latest models of four-wheels and cars (less than five years old) are not much affected by the slowdown but their prices are also low by about a few thousand riyals from their actual value, according to traders.

The old model vehicles (more than 10 to 15 years) have almost lost their charm. Such vehicles have failed to attract customers due to high maintenance cost and due to the recently announced policy of the Traffic Department that requires old vehicles to undergo technical inspections two to three times in a year. However, the new policy was withdrawn and vehicles need to undergo technical inspection only once in year for all vehicles.

The old model Nisan pickup (1996-1999) is being sold at QR4,000 to QR6,000. Their actual market price is QR10,000. “I sold a Nissan pickup GL for QR14,500, said Abdurrahman, another trader.

“I am trading only in pickups. I had three vehicles a few months ago looking for customers to sell at the cost prices to avoid losses. One of my friends is also trading in used cars and he sold a vehicle two days ago at a loss of QR500,” he added.

The traders at showrooms operating at Salwa Road said they have some business but was low compared to last year. “We do not showcase vehicles which are more than five years old, mostly two to three years,” said Ali, a salesman at a showroom at Salwa Road.

“Prices of the latest model vehicles went down slightly by a few thousand riyals. For example, we offer a Prado-2012 model at QR73,000. The real market value of this vehicle is QR75,000.”

I came to sell my pickup,” said a freelancer. I offered my service like many other freelancers to carry fruits and vegetables to grocery shops and supermarkets and individuals as well. But our business was taken by air-conditioned van. So I decided to sell it and go home for summer vacation,” he added.

“I noticed that cars are available at very attractive prices”, said a customer. “I saw a Chevrolet small car 2010 model at an unbelievable price of QR6,000. I am planning to buy it,” he added.

Car showrooms are taking the help of website in big way for online marketing to attract the customers.

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Hamad International Airport to get a smart traveller system

Hamad International Airport to get a smart traveller system

The Hamad International Airport (HIA) has emerged as one of the most secure and safest airports in the world thanks to state-of-the-art technology and devices introduced in the airport, a senior official said yesterday.

HIA is gearing up to implement its ambitious smart traveler system that will allow passengers to complete all procedures electronically. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recently ranked Qatar as one of the world’s top countries in implementing civil aviation security standards.

Of the six million people who traveled through the Hamad International Airport (HIA) in the first quarter of this year, about 850,000 passengers used the e-gate service, which is now available for citizens and expatriates free of charge.

“There is an increase in the number of passengers who used e- gates during the first quarter of this year, which registered 850,000 passengers, that was achieved by the great efforts exerted by all bodies working at the airport,” Col. Muhammad Rashid Al Mazroui, Director of Airport Passports Department said in a press conference yesterday.

“The Department now has the latest systems in the process of checking the travel documents, through sophisticated devices which can identify any fraud attempts, including technological devices with high capabilities.
Also the database of the devices is constantly updated to keep pace with passports of all types and forms,” Col. Muhammad Rashid Al Mazroui, Director of Airport Passports Department added.

Airport Security Department Director Brigadier Essa Arrar Al Rumaihi said that the Airport Security Department is working to complete its new vision by implementing the smart traveller system in cooperation with the authority of Hamad International Airport and the Airport Passports Department.

Once this system is implemented, the traveller will be able to complete all procedures electronically without the interference of any human element like passing the inspection devices, completion of travel procedures, weighing bags, issuance of boarding pass, use of e-gates and then boarding the plane. Passengers’ security checks will be completed without the presence of security staffs.

“This system will make easier for the traveller to complete the travel procedures in a healthy atmosphere through sophisticated electronic methods,” said the official. He said Qatar has made a significant leap in the field of civil aviation security through the efforts of Airport Security Department, which has introduced a number of new inspection devices inside the airport.

These devices have contributed to enhancing the security aspects inside the airport by facilitating the movement of passengers eliminating queues. They are being used for the first time in the world at HIA and are meant for screening and luggage searches and are linked to cameras to detect any obstructions with passengers. The airport security personnel were also trained on how to use and benefit from them, said Al Rumaihi.

He added that the department has so far trained more than 1,000 security personnel to learn all the security tasks inside the airport. It has also attracted Qatari citizens holding secondary school certificate and enrolled them in various courses of foundation, specialization, and advancement.

The press conference was held to announce results of a report released by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which ranked Qatar as one of the World’s top countries in implementing civil aviation security standards.

Chairman of Qatar Aviation Authority Abdullah bin Nasser Turki Al-Subaiei, Airport Security Department Director Brigadier Essa Arrar Al Rumaihi, and HIA Chief Operating Officer Engineer Badr Muhammad Al Meer were also present.

The results showed that Qatar scored 99.1 percent in applying the guidelines of annex 17 on Safeguarding International Civil Aviation Against Acts of Unlawful Interference. Qatar also scored 96.76 percent in implementing safety management and 100 percent in annex 9 on facilitation.

Al Subaiei commended the great support that the civil aviation system in Qatar receives from the Prime Minister and Interior Minister H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Than and Minister of Transport and Communications, H E Jassim bin Saif Al Sulaiti which has made great impact on achieving noticeable position in the world that reflected in the results of the ICAO Universal Security Audit released in last February.

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Bahubali sequel sweeps Qatar screens with 114 initial-day screenings

Bahubali sequel sweeps Qatar screens with 114 initial-day screenings

Sequel of an Indian movie, dubbed into four languages, have reportedly set a new record in Qatar with a huge number of Initial day screenings.

The movie, Bahubali 2 The Conclusion, has started its journey in Qatar on Friday with 114 screenings in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu versions.
Almost all cinemas were running houseful. All the four cinemas in Asia Town screen no other movies.

The Tamil version of the movie bested the original Telugu at least on one count: Tamil had 37 screening while the Telugu came tailing close behind with 36. Malayalam version had 19 screenings and the Hindi 22.

Made at an astonishing budget by the Indian standard, the movie has already amassed more than double in business with ₹5bn well before the release.

S S Rajamouli, the film director won National Film Award for Best Feature Film in 2015 for Baahubali: The Beginning.

Baahubali 2 will be the first Telugu film to be released in 4K High Definition format. Reports in Indian media says close to 200 screens were upgraded to 4K projectors before the release of the movie.

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Qatar Airways offers up to 40 % off on tickets

Qatar Airways offers up to 40 % off on tickets

Qatar Airways invites passengers to start planning their next trip with amazing discounts on flights across all cabin classes. With the airline’s Global Sales Campaign, which starts on April 26 and lasts through May 3, families, friends and couples can book flights to any destination across the airline’s network of more than 150 destinations across the globe, with validity to travel until June 21, 2017.

Travellers can now avail offer of up to 40% off on all-inclusive fares. To take advantage of this offer, travellers should visit their travel agent, any Qatar Airways sales office or

Qatar Airways Chief Commercial Officer Ehab Amin said: “We are delighted to be able to offer our passengers such a wide variety of choice in choosing a destination. With this new promotion, passengers can easily choose where to go next with amazing offers across all of our cabin classes. Travellers are truly spoilt for choice with Qatar Airways’ extended network of more than 150 destinations.”

Recently the airline revealed its latest premium class product “Qsuite,” a fully transformable suite of seats that allows parties of two, three or four to create their own unique space within the Business Class cabin. This game-changing patented design is set to transform the face of aviation and Business Class travel by bringing a First Class product to the Business Class cabin. Qsuite also features the first ever double bed in Business Class, another ground-breaking innovation brought to passengers by Qatar Airways.

The airline was named the World’s Best Business Class by Skytrax in 2016, and its home hub, Hamad International Airport, was also recently given five stars at the Skytrax World Airport Awards, as well as being named the World’s Sixth Best Airport.

Qatar Airways is one of the world’s fastest growing airlines, with a network of more than 150 destinations. The airline will add a number of exciting new destinations to its growing network in 2017, including Chiang Mai, Yanbu, Dublin, Nice, Skopje and many more, flying passengers on board its modern fleet of 195 aircraft.

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Reserve your parking lot online soon – The Ministry of Transport and Communications

Reserve your parking lot online soon

The Ministry of Transport and Communications is working on a pilot project to build multi-storey smart parking lots with online status-checking and reservation facilities at crowded places in the country.

These parking lots will be connected through a smart system enabling motorists to not only check the availability of parking spaces using smartphones or computers but also reserve them online.
“We have a complete plan for vehicles’ parking facilities in Qatar within the plans chalked out by the Ministry under National Strategy for Traffic Safety,” said Rashid Talib Al Nabit, Assistant Undersecretary for Road Transport at The Minister of Transport and Communications in a Qatar TV talk-show.

“We have started work on parking projects from the start of this year. The ambitious project is based on a survey conducted to collect the opinions of people to assess where they want parking facilities. And these facilities will be developed as per the size and type of vehicles in the country.”
As a matter of fact, he noted, “we cannot depend on the experiences of other countries in building parking facilities because the culture and needs are different of one country to another”.
He said that in a “unique and first-time move”, a latest modern technology will be used in these parking facilities enabling motorists to get advance information about the availability of parking spaces through smartphones and computers where they intend to visit.

“And they could reserve the vacant parking spaces as well. For example, a motorist wants to visit Souq Waqif or any other place, he would be able to get the information on the availability of parking space there immediately and could also reserve the space as per his choice for a specific date and time.”

Focus on the sustainable transport system

The parking project is part of the national strategy for traffic safety of which more than 10 plans were shared by the Ministry. Around three of them have been implemented so far.

The first plan was Qatar Guide for Road Design which was completed in collaboration with other authorities concerned like Traffic Department and the Public Works Authority (Ashghal). The second plan was Qatar Guide for Traffic Control which has also been completed.

The third plan was building separate tracks for bicycles. The plan was completed a long time ago. “Now we are upgrading this plan. Now we have 153 kilometers tracks for bicycles on the roads of the country,” he said, adding: “Around 264 kilometers new tracks for bicycles are under construction of which 64 kilometres tracks are expected to be completed within the coming year.”

The Ministry has come up with an idea to build a sustainable transport system in new roads for the safety of people and properties. Sustainable transport means building modern roads taking into consideration all types of users; motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and people with disabilities because everyone has an equal right to use the roads.
Another feature of the modern roads is their connection with vital points like public transport, seaport and airport.

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Qatar Airways all set to launch an airline in India with Bengaluru as base

Qatar Airways all set to launch an airline in India with Bengaluru as base

Qatar Airways is to launch its own airline in India. According to Business Standard, a delegation from the country is to review the facilities at major Indian airports. According to the Civil Aviation Ministry, major airports all over the country, such as Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi about the upcoming visit by the Qatar delegation. Although the names of the personalities in the concerned delegation has not yet been revealed, they could very well include representatives from Qatar Airways as well. One of the executives from these airports told the reporters that they had been informed that 6-8 delegates from Qatar would be visiting the airports to review the facilities.

Meanwhile, it must be noted that these visits had been scheduled to begin next week but it seems that the dates might have been changed. Earlier last month, Akbar Al Baker, the Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Airways had announced the company’s plans for the launch of a 100% foreign owned airline in the country with the help of a partnership with the Qatar Investment Authority.

If reports are to be believed, then the city of Bengaluru would be chosen as the base for Qatar Airways in India. In fact, other reports also state that the company had even appointed an executive research firm in order to recruit staff for the concerned Indian airline. One of the three biggest Gulf airlines, Qatar Airways has been, for a while now, trying to expand its network to India but has not been very successful so far due to the limitation of traffic right. Meanwhile, following its investment in Jet Airways, Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways has become that fastest growing foreign airline in India.

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New fish market opens at Umm Salal

New fish market opens at Umm Salal

The new fish market at Umm Salal opens its doors to the customers today. It replaces the year-old fish market in Abu Hamour.

The central markets project in Umm Salal, Sailiya and Al Wakra were undertaken from a strategic development perspective in line with rapid demographic changes in the country. The markets are strategically located to cater to the current and future population expansion in the north, west and south of the country, the Ministry said in a statement.

The project will also serve citizens and residents and provide new business areas to increase commercial activity, and facilitate marketing of local products in these markets, which will contribute to the spread of economic activities over a wider geographical area.

The Ministry said the facilities and services at fish market at Umm Salal are designed according to international standards of health and food safety regulations. There are separate places for unloading, display and sale of fish.

The storage and transport comply with the best specifications and food safety measures, the auction area is air conditioned, while the area is designed in such a way that the external weather conditions do not affect the quality of products.

The facility also has its own ice factory.

The choice locating the central market at Umm Salal came following several studies and consultations with retailers and wholesalers, fishermen and dealers, which showed that 70% of the fish at the central market in Abu Hamour was sourced from the northern part of the country while the rest is sourced from Al Wakrah.

The fish market in Umm Salal will receive customers from 6 am to 10 pm, Saturday to Thursday.

On Fridays, it will function from 6 am to 10.30 am and from 3 pm to 10 pm.

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Chances of light rain Saturday

Chances of light rain Saturday

There is a weak chance of light rain over the inshore areas of northern Qatar Saturday, the Met office has said.

The offshore warning is thundery rain at north with strong wind and high sea at times.

The maximum temperature of 36C in expected in Doha and at Abu Samra, followed by 32C at Mesaieed, Wakrah, Al Khor and Dukhan, and 27C at Ruwais.

The minimum temperature of 20C is forecast at Dukhan and Abu Samra, followed by 21C at Mesaieed, Wakrah and Al Khor, and 22C in Doha and at Ruwais.

Inshore, the southeasterly – southwesterly wind could range from five to 15 knots before reaching 18 knots at north at first and become northwesterly – northeasterly by afternoon.

Offshore, the southeasterly – easterly wind could range from six to 16 knots and increase to 24 knots at north with thundery rain and become northeasterly by night.

On Friday, the maximum and minimum temperatures, 36C and 16C, respectively, were recorded at Abu Samra.


Two health centres temporarily stop dental services – PHCC

Two health centres temporarily stop dental services – PHCC

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has announced that Al Khor Health Centre has stopped providing dental services until further notice, due to maintenance works.

Dental patients of the health centre will be referred to and treated at Um Slal Health Centre from Sunday to Thursday and on Saturdays, the dental services will be provided at Al Ka’ban Health Centre.
Both Health Centres administrations have been informed and have taken appropriate arrangements to provide full dental treatment and care services to patients from Al Khor. Al Khor Dental Clinic will resume after completion of maintenance operations.

The PHCC also announced that dental services at Leabaib Health Centre are suspended Saturday and the dental clinic patients referred to Madinat Khalifa Health Centre until resumption of the services on Sunday.



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