Medical Test Procedures for Visit and Family Visa in Qatar (2019)

People moving to Qatar for employment or on a family visa and also for a stay more than a month has to take a medical test.  The purpose of a medical test is to protect the health of the people who live in Qatar and also to prevent the spread of infectious diseases from people who move into Qatar.

The Medical Test carried out in Qatar Medical Commission may include Blood Test, Screening for HIV/AIDS, Chest X-Ray, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Tuberculosis etc.,

Medical Test Procedures in Qatar for Workers / Medical Test for employment:

Before Arrival:

All new workers wishing to work and live in Qatar have to do a health screening after landing in Qatar to receive a Work Residence Permit (RP). It is mandatory for the Job seekers from the below list of countries to undergo a separate medical check-up at home through one of the below Abroad Health Centers before coming to Qatar:

Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Sudan

On Arrival:

Before undergoing the Medical Commission exam you have to obtain a blood-type certificate from any authorized clinic. After obtaining the blood-type certificate, you should go to Medical Commission and they will undergo tests which comprise of blood test and also chest X-ray. Blood test screening includes screening for diseases including Hepatitis B and C, Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

People who are employed in restaurants, barbershops, laundries, health clubs, and also other public places are required to undergo annual health checks.

Medical Test Procedures in Qatar for families:

For workers families, the same rules apply. As well as, an adult family member over the age of 18 is required to have a medical examination.

Post Medical Screening

So Medical test is over, the next step is to register your fingerprints digitally (only for 18 & above years) with the Ministry of Interior after completing the medical test. The fingerprinting headquarters is located on Salwa Road off the Industrial Area flyover. Also, many other centers are located for the convenience of people. Below are the ones…

  • Al Khor
  • Mesaimeer
  • Duhail
  • Al Shamal
  • Industrial Area (near Nissan roundabout)

 Location Map: Click here to find the Medical Commission location

Private Hospitals:

The Medical Commission is responsible for conducting the health exam and is located on Al Muntazah Street off E-Ring Road. Also, below private hospitals similarly are authorized to carry out the mandatory medical procedures and they charge a fee to conduct the health exam.

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Comments (26)

  • Imtiaz

    Hi Admin,
    I am planning to call my wife and son on family visa (permanent RP) to live with me. my wife has Hepatitis B and that is non-reactive. She is not supposed to work here in Qatar.
    My question is does the medical test will mark her unfit due to Hep B considering she’ll not be working in Qatar.

  • Suhail Jafar

    My wife is under visit visa and medical test is still going on with Rumaillah hospital as she got positive PPD. Medical test result showing under process on website.
    So How I can extend visa if this medical process will continue till expiry date of visa?
    Do I have to penalty?

  • JK


    I have to bring my family on Family residence visa i do have visa approved. Now i would like to know whether for family also medical test has to be taken place in Home country.

  • Tini

    Hi, I have already done medical during Visit ViSA processing. Now without exiting the country I have transferred my Visit VISA to family VISA. So is it required to do the medical checkup again ?

  • sejo

    whether the children’s under the age of 12 years need to undergo medical examination from the medical council for family residents permit? or only adults need to undergo medicals??

    • admin

      Hi. Children under 12 years no need to do any medical in Qatar. But you got to pay the fee at the Medical center.

  • Munaf

    Hello. I have a son just born outside Qatar. I will be applying for his permanent visa soon. Once visa is granted can he directly come to Qatar and do the medical and rp processing here in qatat? Or does my two month old son needs to do medical and rp processing in india? Me and my wife both have a valid rp here. Appreciate your feedback. Thanks

    • admin

      Hi. Once visa is approved. Your son can come to Qatar and do the other formalities which include medical commission procedures and RP processing inside Qatar. All the best – Team

  • Aman

    My daughter got visa on arrival on entry to qatar as she born in Feb this year outside Qatar. Me and my wife both has a valid qatar RP. Can anyone please advise procedure to apply for Residence Permit for my daughter.

  • Sobin Thomas

    I am sobin, male nurse, currently in Doha for seeking job in qatar. While I attend an interview they told me to come with qatar ID. Then only they can provide a job, but my visa was a labor visa, I am changing that. Then they told me that they have to do a registration as nurse. I didn’t understand this as I don’t have prometric test done. Can anyone help me out. How can I get ID as nurse professional.???

    • admin

      Dear Sobin, To work as a nurse in Qatar you got to clear Prometric exam. You can take Prometric in many centers in India or in Qatar as well. The test consists of 100 MCQs and duration is 2 ½ hours. Unless you clear this exam you cannot work as a nurse. Once you clear and have the license then the clinic or hospital where you get a job can update your QID with Nurser as a profession. For more info on the prometric license exam for QATAR COUNCIL FOR HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONERS ( QCHP) check this link team

  • zrkzrk

    Hi all,my family came on visit may13,i went to medical examination on 16th may.they said your visa not registered so check with moi.i cheked with moi and they ask me to go airport immigiration due to not enter in the system that i did may23.Again i goto medical examination same day they said again check with moi.again i went to moi they saidgoto medical. how long it will take to register moi to medical when it is good to go medical pls sujjest me.

    • admin

      Hi. We have not heard about this issue earlier. Will check and get back to you. Usually, you can do the medical test within a week also if you plan to extend the visa for more than a month. Let us check and get back to you at the earliest –

  • Narinder

    I have my RP and work here in Qatar. I have been issued a family Visa. I need to get my 2 year old daughter her RP.. what is the process?

  • anoop nair

    can anyone know the medical commission working time during ramadan month for family medical test?

    • admin

      Dear Anoop, As per the announcement from the Ministry of Public health “The working hours of the Medical Commission Department will start at 9 am and continue until 6 pm” (as per the available source) – Team

      • jesbin

        Hi Vinod, I have this same issue. Could you please let me know, how did you solve the issue. My email Id is, whatsapp : 33635635.

  • Vinod

    After medical test I am getting “Please refer to the Medical Commission” message in the RP Application tracking . Should I wait or need to go and meet Medical commission

    • jesbin

      Hi Vinod,

      I am facing the same issue. Could you please let me know, how can we overcome this issue. jesbin (dot) aj (at) whatsapp : 33635635

  • Sameer

    If someone has undergone a medical test & medical report says some problem in X-ray. what is the solution to overcome this problem & be declared medical fit.

    • admin

      Dear Mr. Sameer,

      People who failed in Medical examination due to various reasons have got back to the medical commission and in some cases, they have given a reference letter and sent to Rumailah Hospital or HMC for a checkup. They will further test you & confirm if the initial findings are right and provide fitness certificate based on the new findings. Some expats have told that a referral paper is given, and that, you have to take it to HMC and normally are completed in 1 week.

      The below reply is completely based on the experiences shared by other expats and it is not recorded or referred anywhere and is not responsible for authentication of this information.

      • NASH

        Yes Mr. Sameer,

        I am here in Qatar, failed a medical test as they found some spots on my chest. I applied to Medical commision for further check and they asked my Verified Educational certificates and upon verification they send me to Rumaillah Hospital.

        In Rumaillah Hospital They took me to Communicable Disease Center and I went for some test. It took me four visits in a gap of around 25 days overall.

        Finally They cleared me and Gives me Fit Certificate.

        I wonder if this kind of facility is available with QVC in India, if we failed medical test.

        I strongly believe this option should be there.

        Thank you

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